About Us

Who are we? We are developers on a mission. We wish to create a network of "packages" that can work as both independent systems, and together as a whole. Our first package, phpAuth, is a user authentication system. It is currently still in its alpha stage. On the table, we have phpNews, phpNewsletter, etc.

The developers

There are 5 developers working on the PHPackages system.

  1. Jacob Tallman <tman5665 [at] gmail.com>
  2. Luis Amigo <lamiguete [at] gmail.com>
  3. Stv <stv__ [at] users.sourceforge.net>
  4. Steve Howard <sir.steve.h [at] gmail.com>
  5. Brandon Nimon <brandonnimon [at] comcast.net>

The Design

The website design is based off 'Andreas08' by Andreas Viklund . The header and navigation graphics are courtesy of Steven McTainsh.

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